Your car’s drivetrain system is a critical to keeping your vehicle moving. Mr. Transmission Milex of Livonia is your drivetrain repair & transmission rebuild expert. We can skillfully diagnose and repair any drivetrain problems for you. We focus on the details from start to finish to ensure all drivetrain repair jobs are as thorough as possible. Mr. Transmission Milex of Livonia gets you back on the road quickly and affordably.

What all makes up the drivetrain? There are a number of crucial components to your drivetrain, and we repair them all at Mr. Transmission Milex of Livonia. These include:

  • Axle Shafts
  • Drive Shafts
  • CV Joints
  • Transfer Case
  • Differentials

At Mr. Transmission Milex of Livonia, we recommend differential servicing every 30,000 miles or at intervals specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer. More frequent servicing may be needed for vehicles often exposed to extreme temperatures, heavy traffic or that frequently drive off-road.  Having your vehicle’s drivetrain serviced according to these guidelines can often avoid more serious repairs.

When things do go wrong, Mr. Transmission Milex of Livonia has you covered. Our expert technicians carefully test your system to pinpoint the exact issue so that proper drive train repairs can begin. We use high-quality new and remanufactured parts in all our drivetrain repair services.

Unsure if something is wrong? Some signs you may be in need of a drivetrain repair are:

  • Chatter or growling noises heard from the axle
  • Clunking sounds heard when shifting gears
  • Vibration in the front or rear of vehicle when turning
  • Whine when accelerating or decelerating

There are additional ways you can avoid costly drivetrain repairs and prolong the life of your system. These include properly maintaining the differential fluid and performing regular servicing. The differential fluid helps lubricate the drivetrain’s gears and dirty fluid equals poor performance. While these gears are built strong, with age and miles they will see a fair amount of wear and tear.

Mr. Transmission Milex of Livonia will service your drivetrain, keep it running smoothly and repair it when necessary. We can repair the drivetrain in both automatic and manual transmissions in both domestic and foreign models.

If you have a drivetrain component that is acting up, Mr. Transmission Milex of Livonia is your go-to place for all drivetrain servicing and repairs. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our services, call us today at 734-261-5800.

FAQs About Drivetrain

When should you service?

Differential Service is recommended at 30,000 mile intervals or according to your manufacturer’s specifications. If you drive under more severe conditions such as frequent starts and stops, extreme weather, towing or off-roading, we recommend more frequent servicing.

What is typical wear and tear?

The gears within the differential are very strong and made of long lasting materials. But as vehicles age, those gears can start to wear. Differential fluid is present to lubricate and cool those gears. Dirty fluid can lead to poor performance and excess wear. You should have your differential fluid checked from time to time.

What are the symptoms of an issue with the differential?

Vibration of front or rear of vehicle when turning
Clunking heard when shifting gears
Noise such as chatter or growl coming from axle
Whine on acceleration or deceleration